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Vibrant Living After 50

I help scared (but ready!) people to pivot their careers or launch their businesses with confidence.

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You Deserve To  #work4joy

"You've done what you should.
Now, do what you want."
"Get help, not hype."

-Leah Murtagh, #thework4joycoach

You’ve done what you should, now do what you want.

I offer time, financial, and location FREEDOM to my clients. We all have our unique perception of what those words mean for us. As a coach, I help you make real the soul-satisfying work that feeds your whole self Every. Single. Day.


When you coach with me, I’ll ask you to figure out who you are, not so much what you do. There's no time like NOW (I mean, you took the time to read this far, didn't you?) I’ll challenge you to do the things that scare you, with as much risk as you can tolerate. And *spoiler alert* those risks are typically not financial. 

Are We a Good Match?

Clients who work best with me :

- Want work that feels good in every way
- Want more financial, time, and location freedom
- Are ready to create strategy for change and take action
- Dream of launching their own business or service 
- Feel like they “should” keep looking for the same type of work, but the last job was awful; getting laid off was a relief
- Need direction and accountability to achieve their dream job or business launch

Client Victories!

From Identity to Action


I’m an action-based coach. Even though I ask my clients to do a lot of inner work, it’s the outer work that gets us closer to our professional dreams.  


Within each coaching session, we finish up with a list of action items that we’ve explored together based on: 

- Discovery: What do you really, really, really, want to do?
- Discernment: What professional options do you have now that you know what you want?
- Action: What will you do and when will you do it to achieve what you want?




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