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Y’all, this is Leah’s exciting new venture [VLA50] and I cannot possibly recommend her, her guidance, and her events more.


In one hour this week she helped me solve a marketing mystery that’s plagued my business for ten years.


She’s the reason I produced my first print ad this week. She showed me how to turn my already lovely website and blog into an invitation previously cautious clients will be able to say yes to!


Seriously, it was one hour. I don’t even understand.


Please support this Unruly business by liking her VLA50 page. Hire her. Say yes to her events. I promise. She’s got the magic.--Christy F.  

"The Unruly Woman

Hiring Leah as a business coach was an outstanding investment for my fitness and nutrition coaching business.


I looked forward to our weekly calls as she kept me on track with the development and marketing of my summer boot camp, as well as other business planning. I


t was the second year I held the class but felt considerably more organized this year thanks to Leah's coaching.


Every week Leah emailed me an “actionables” list which, as a solopreneur, I found extremely effective. It's easy to get caught up working “in” your business as opposed to “on” it but Leah kept me on track. --Jennifer C, Aurora, CO.  Upward Spiral Fitness

I chose to work with Leah at VLA50 because of my desire to constantly evolve and grow, not only in my career but throughout my life. 


Leah herself has shown that it can be done with grace and excitement.  Being a former massage therapist and currently working in the finance field, I knew I needed someone who would value both my intellect and my intuition. 


Leah was a great fit.  She challenged my thought process while encouraging me to follow my gut instincts. 


I was tired of feeling like a square peg trying to force myself into a round hole.  Leah helped me drill down what type of work and environment would allow me to work in my flow state. 


She encouraged me to think towards the future and revamp my resume in a way I hadn't thought of.  We focused on my gifts, talents and values to help me find a job that would keep me engaged and evolving. 


Leah was there for me every step of the way, coming up with action steps and holding me accountable.  With her help, I was able to land a great job working with like-minded people in a fun, rapidly-growing industry. 


I hope to continue working with Leah to ensure that I bring my best to this new position and never stop growing.    --ANNA T.




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