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Everyone should have access to affordable, transformational experiences. Connection with others in real life is how we move best through change, celebration, and yes, loss or tragedy.


Register for a weekend of guidance, support, wisdom sharing, solution-finding, and laughter with us.


Our themes rotate with each event, and we'd love to know what's important to you!  

Event FAQs

Who Should Attend VLA50 Events?

Anyone who has interest or expertise in the event theme should attend. We love co-ed, diverse groups because the discussion and event outcomes are richer with a wide variety of perspectives.


We continually work on ways to welcome people of all walks of life, especially those folks who do not fit into conventionally privileged demographics. We appreciate all suggestions to make us accessible and safe-feeling to anyone who resonates with our mission and event themes. 

Why should I be a vendor or sponsor at VLA50 events?

Vendors have a unique opportunity with our event format to be full participants in the Open Space process. This means you can create relationships with your desired audience, and serve our participants right where they are.

You may also meet the helping professionals you need to assist the growth of your business. You'll get a bevy of new ideas if you're willing to ask for help. Finally, you don't have to guess what's important to your potential customers here--you'll have full knowledge of the challenges your products and services may solve for our participants. 

As a sponsor/vendor, not only will you receive advertising and a time to share about your company with the group, you'll also be ensuring the accessibility of this event for all who need or want it. We strive above all else to make these events an easy financial "YES" for all who wish to come. 

Our vendors help us cover our overhead costs (venue rental and catering) so we can keep our registration fees as reasonable as possible. 

What can I expect at VLA50 Open Space events?

Above all else, you can expect to be surprised. Our guiding principles are the following:

  • Whoever comes is the right people

  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

  • Whenever it starts is the right time

  • When it's over, it's over

Previous participants have found inspiration, solutions, motivation, tools, and support to make changes in their lives, lively fellowship with a heavy dose of humor and laughter, and sometimes life-long friendships and collaborations along the way. 

We cannot fully describe the magic that happens at our Open Space events. You'll have to join us to find out!

How do I find out more about the Open Space Technology event format?


Here's more info about how the whole thing works. Open Space Technology has been around since 1985, and used in groups and organizations ranging from five people to five thousand people. OST has it's basis in self-organization and equality. Essentially this means that when we create space around an issue, the people and outcomes will generate meaning, help, collaboration in wonderful combination.

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