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What Joe from Costco taught me about loving your work

I've been a loyal Costco member since 2012, and my favorite store is in St. Louis Park, MN. It's not my favorite store because of the location (there are several that are convenient to my home.) Nor is it my favorite store because of the products (stuff we buy anyway, in bulk quantities that save more time than money.)

Nope, the reason I love my Costco is because of Joe. He's a full-time employee, and every time I go there, I try to get in his check-out lane.

This man is loud, self-congratulatory, happy, jovial, and otherwise infectious. He deserves every bit of the accolades he gives himself, because he's just acknowledging his own brilliance right alongside that of his customers.

If you catch his eye, he'll wave you over with a "Right this way, man, I got you" in an island-inspired accent and a conspiratorial smile. His banter keeps people moving and grinning as they unload their enormous boxes, cases, and giant bags onto the belt.

He expertly and joyfully serves every person that comes through his lane, no matter their attitude. He never allows a grouchy patron to bring down his boisterous presence.

Joe has honed customer service and his apparent enjoyment of it to a fine art at the Costco check-outs. When we posed for our selfie, he insisted we get his recent award for Best Customer Service in the background--a title not granted often or lightly in the company.

Joe is an extraordinary person in an ordinary job. It seems to suit him. He's clearly capitalizing on his gifts and aligning his talents in his role as Master Check-Out Guy at Costco. And, this alignment radiates from him at least 20 feet out in all directions.

People like Joe fascinate me. And, they serve as examples for me as I coach my clients into more authenticity at work.

Joe is a template for all of us. Not that we should flood Costco with applications (though I hear their benefits package is pretty awesome), but that we should not settle for dying of mediocrity at work.

Achieving such complete alignment with our authenticity and our work is both an inside and an outside job. We must be clear on the kind of work we want to do, regardless of the paycheck, the level of responsibility, or other external payoffs.

Then, we must find the place that values our gifts and talents enough for us to feel we make a difference for the company, our customers, and our co-workers.

Sometimes that place means working for a company, and sometimes it means creating the company yourself.

No environment is perfect, and I'm sure Joe has his ups and downs. However, my wish for you all this week is that you can somehow begin to believe that working with and for your purpose is not only possible, but completely attainable.

I mean, if Joe (the Authenticity Black-Belt) can find that at Costco, we surely all have that potential.

Finally, if you allow yourself to imagine what complete alignment at work could feel like, isn't it awesome?

If you want help clarifying your professional purpose and how to grow your authenticity at work, or even launch your own happy workplace, I'm the coach to help you do it.

Contact me today, and let's set up a low-cost "I See You" appointment. You'll claim visibility, enjoy community, and build impact in just 45 minutes. The world needs this from you, so stop waiting.

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