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You deserve to #work4joy 


You’ve done what you should, now do what you want


I’m not everyone’s career coach. I’ve built my life and my coaching practice around finding and doing the work I love and assisting others to do the same. 

I offer freedom, choices, fulfillment, power, sovereignty, and joy to my clients. We all have our unique perception of what those words mean for us. As a coach, I help you clarify your vision and take action to make real the work that feeds you, literally and figuratively, Every. Single. Day.


When you reach midlife, there comes a moment when you are too old for all the bullsh*t of a regular job in a less-than-fun culture. But, you’re too young with too much experience and talent to throw in the towel. 


When you coach with me, I’ll ask you to figure out who you are, not so much what you do. I’ll challenge you to do the things that scare you, with as much risk as you can tolerate. And, spoiler alert, those risks are typically not financial. 

Are we a good match?


Clients who work best with me :

  • Have trouble making their next professional choice.

  • Feel overwhelmed with work and life--they need a change and don’t know where or how to begin.

  • Hate their work culture, but aren't sure it's time to leave.

  • Want to launch their own business and need help navigating the transition with a good strategy.

  • Want a new job or career, but are nervous to do something different than they've always done.

  • Are between jobs, but I feel like they “should” keep looking for the same type of work even though they might die if they get it. The last job was awful; getting laid off was a relief.

  • Are so unfocused; they know can grow a business or be an effective leader at a company, but struggle with structure and accountability.

  • Want more freedom, are ready to think and act differently but I don’t know where to begin.

  • Lost a job after many years and don't know who they are without it.

  • Want their professional confidence back.


From identity to action


I’m an action-based coach. Even though I ask my clients to do a lot of inner work, it’s the outer work that gets us closer to our professional dreams.  

Within each coaching session, we finish up with a list of action items that we’ve explored together based on: 

  • Achievability--is the action a realistic one for you? What barriers might exist to keep you from success? Sometimes an action requires baby steps or outside support.

  • Measurability--how will you know when you’ve succeeded?

  • Accountability--how will you ensure you complete your action item?


How long will I need a coach?


Each client’s situation is different. Some of my clients need a handful of sessions to feel confident, focused, and well on their way to #working4joy. 

Other clients need or want continual weekly support with a big project, decision, or professional speed bump. You’re never obligated to coach longer than feels correct for you. 

The coaching investment


Obtaining good help is essential to success in any area of life. We go to doctors, counselors, financial advisors, massage therapists, and others when parts of our lives are out of whack.

Coaching is no less valuable in the pursuit of work that frees you, feeds you, and enriches you. The hours you spend on a coach with whom you resonate pay dividends forever.

The first session with me is $99.00, and lasts from 60-90 minutes. We cover your current situation, develop a list of professional goals, and plan your first strong but manageable action steps. Follow-up sessions are $89.00 each.

Still have questions? Schedule a call


If you’re curious to see if we should work together, fill out my contact form to schedule a call. We’ll talk for about 10-20 minutes about your situation and schedule a session if the fit feels right. You can see what my past clients have said about coaching with me here.



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